2 days horseridingtrip in northwest Iceland,19./20. September 2014

On the 20.September we gather around 300 horses in the highlands and bring them down to the „Auðkúlurétt” where the farmers sort out their horses. There are very few Tourists in this specific “Rétt” so this is still a real icelandic expierience.

This year we offer to take max. 10 riders with us on a 2 day ridingtour. This tour is only for experienced riders.

On Friday the 19. we ride from the “Auðkúlurétt” the beautiful Sléttárdalur-valley upp to the highlands where there is a horsestable where we will keep the horses while we will be driven back into civilisation for the night. Each rider will get two horses and will have to lead the horse which he is not riding.

On Saturday the 20. we will participate in the horsegathering where also the last sheep will be gathered. To begin with we won't see much of the horses as they run down the valley quite fast once they know what we're up to. But in the end we will ride with the horses a few kilometers along the river and the road. Around four o'klock we will be at “Auðkúlurétt” where the ridingtour will be officially over, because we will have to find our own horses and get them home when all horses have been sorted out.

Guesthouse Svinavatn

Price includes: 2 days riding, 2 nights (Thursday-Saturday) in double bedrooms, Breakfast on Friday and Saturday and dinner on fridaynight in the Guesthouse Svinavatn, lunch on the go (Fr and Sa)

Price per person: 455 Euro

More nights can be booked in the Guesthouse Svinavatn if you wish.

Endspurt Participients will arrive individually at the guesthouse on thursday night. A Shuttle from Blönduós can be arranged if needed.

Die Herde Please klick on the picture for more photos.

Because we are not a big tourist company but only organise a few ridingtours with personal service and good horses every year, we have no helmets or rainclothes to lend. The participients will therefore have to bring their own which has either to be new or disinfected. You can find information for bringing ridingequipment to Iceland here: http://www.mast.is/english

Participients will have to be insured for accidents themselves.

More Information and booking: e-mail or phone +354/845'28'45 (Barbara), +354/869'65'63 (Helgi Páll)

Barbara Dittmar and Helgi Páll Gíslason, Höllustaðir, 541 Blönduós, Island, mobile: +354/845'28'45 and +354/869'65'63